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La Rochelle Pre-Primary Enrolment Form

Please fill out our form below, accept the terms and conditions and submit it to us. Once we have received your enrolment, we will email you with the bank details for payment.

Name & Surname of Child   


Name of School   

Father's Name   

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   I hereby accept the terms & conditions as set out below

Terms & Conditions

1 x 30min KinetiX session will take place once a week on the day allocated by the school. | Each session will be presented by a fully trained KinetiX instructor. | It is the parent’s responsibility to ensure the learner is present at the start of each session. | Quarterly payment is for 1 session during every week of that particular term. | KinetiX reserves the right to cancel 1 session per term due to illness or any other valid reason from the instructor. In the case where a second session is missed we will either provide a stand in instructor or make the necessary arrangements to make up the session in a different time slot. Parents will be informed in advance should any changes to the normal schedule occur. | Cancellation policy: Cancellation policy: KinetiX fees are pre-paid per term and is not refundable in the case of premature cancellation. If you would like to terminate the enrolment, we need a written notice to during the previous term. If we do not receive a written notice during the previous term, you will be liable for the following term’s lessons.